Sainsburys Finance issues guidelines for pet owners

Pet owners can help to keep their animal companions safe by following recommendations that have been provided by Sainsburys Finance, the firm has stated.

According to the firm, it is essential to supervise pets whether they are in the garden playing or running around in public. Another important strategy for keeping cats and dogs safe is to micro-chip them as it does not cause the animal any pain and only takes a matter of seconds, yet it can be helpful when tracking down a lost or stolen pet.

These guidelines were published by Sainsburys Finance after the company found that 22 per cent of Brits who have lost a feline or canine companion in the past five years believe they were stolen.
Also, people are advised to keep their garden boundaries as secure as possible in order to stop their pet from escaping.

Recently, M&S Money pointed out how the summer is a difficult time for dogs as it is when they are most at risk of suffering from heat stroke .

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