Celebrity lawyer caught out by the small print on pet insurance policy

A celebrity lawyer nicknamed “Mr Loophole” has admitted to being £5,000 out of pocket after failing to read the small print on a pet insurance policy .

Nick Freeman is famous for his ability to use the small details to secure acquittals for his rich clients. He was with his family at their holiday home in the South of France when the Staffordshire bull terrier collapsed. At first it seemed like a simple case of heat exhaustion, but the five-year-old dog failed to improve and ended up in a private animal hospital undergoing tests.

Despite paying their pet insurance premiums, when Mr Freeman’s wife, Stephanie, phoned the company she was told they had not complied with the small print. They should have informed the insurer a fortnight before the holiday and paid an additional £100 for the cover.

“I realise there’s a slight irony about it,” said the lawyer who has successfully defended the likes of golfer Colin Montgomerie and cricketer Andrew Flintoff through his mastery of detail.

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