Car insurer forecasts increase in popularity of electric vehicles has predicted that there could be an increase in the popularity of electric vehicles .

The company also forecasts that the use of advanced technology may help make the claims process easier for customers and has suggested they will be able to carry out such procedures via smartphones and that such devices are likely to be used for getting car insurance quotes too.

Marketing director at the firm, Tina Shortle, indicated that insurance providers will need to keep expenses down in the future by targeting fraud and legal costs, while at the same time keeping customer service at a high standard. She said: “We believe that the next five years provide a lot of opportunities for as well as challenges for the insurance sector as companies strive to offer cost-effective insurance .”

Recently, the firm published research which showed cold callers are thought to be one of the biggest wastes of a person’s time in the UK, ahead of chores and queues.

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