Axa Insurance wants road rage to be removed from British roads

It is essential that the issue of road rage is dealt with as it is resulting in negative repercussions, according to Axa Insurance .

Tina Shortle, marketing director of the firm, explained that “disrespectful driving” and angry motorists are causing more accidents on the roads, which in turn implies higher costs for insurance providers . She emphasised that these expenses are reflected in the amount of money people pay for their policy.

Axa Insurance claims that £35 of annual premiums are attributable to accidents by drivers who have acted with some degree of aggression or lack of respect and about 800 lives have been lost as a consequence. Ms Shortle said: “Our research shows that those who are angry or frightened are often unable to concentrate behind the wheel and this is a relevant factor in many accidents.”

Recently, the firm advised holidaymakers to be careful when going abroad as the average Brit takes electronic equipment worth £424 with them.

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