Working from home could affect home insurance cover

Home-based businesses account for nearly 28 per cent of UK employment and with more and more companies basing themselves at home to cut costs, Swinton Insurance is advising homeowners to check they are adequately covered to run their business from their home .

Working from home can invalidate normal home and contents insurance policies. Additional cover can insure for accidents in and around the home during working hours and for damage to equipment or loss of data. Also, depending on the type of business being carried out within the home, if for example clients are entering a house, then public liability insurance may be required.

Steve Chelton, Insurance Development Manager at Swinton, said: “Working from home is often a cheaper option for many companies, particularly start-up businesses who are keen to avoid hefty office rental costs. However, it’s vital to inform your insurance provider of any intention to work from home, so they can advise you correctly on what type of insurance you need to ensure you are adequately covered.”

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