Monthly home insurance repayments need not be the expensive option

Paying for home insurance by monthly instalments doesn’t have to be subject to an additional charge, says

Brits trying to keep the cost of their home insurance manageable may choose the convenience of paying monthly. However, some insurers charge up to 22 per cent extra for this luxury, while others provide it for free which, says, proves how worthwhile shopping around can be.

Julie Owens, head of home insurance at, said: “We are all looking for ways to cut our outgoings and make our finances more manageable and opting to pay for the cost of your home insurance by month is a good way of keeping your initial outlay for home cover down, splitting the cost in to smaller payment amounts can really make things easier.”

Ms Owens added that it is essential to be aware of any additional cost and that homeowners should search the whole market to find the most reasonably priced deal.

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