Co-operative Insurance wants a just outcome for asbestos claims

Individuals suffering from asbestos-related health problems are entitled to have their insurance claims honoured, even if the owners of the place of work where they were exposed to the substance cannot be traced, claims Co-operative Insurance .

David Neave, head of general insurance at the firm, indicated that victims would have been working for a company in good faith and the employees are likely to have had insurance to cover them against health issues.

He explained: “It would be morally wrong if the people that have ended up having conditions such as asbestosis and mesothelioma do not get given the money they deserve. If a company’s insurer proves impossible to trace, we believe that it is only fair and ethical for insurers to fund a pool enabling these victims to make a claim .”

Issues with asbestos are still being discovered today, with two companies, Bridgeline Environmental Services and Bridgeline Demolition, recently criticised for allowing employees to work without protective clothing on a contaminated site, reported BBC News .

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