Animal owners urged to get insurance during national pet month

Fair Investment Company is advising dog and cat owners to get pet insurance during National Pet Month, which runs from April 3-May 3 2010.

Rachael Stiles, personal finance editor at Fair Investment Company, commented: “National Pet Month has released ten top tips for responsible pet ownership and one is to get pet insurance if you have a dog or cat, as it could could save you a lot of cash in the long run. However, if you didn’t have insurance and your cat or dog broke its leg, it would cost you around £1,200 to have it fixed. With pet insurance, that cost would be covered.”

Recently, pet insurance was thrown into the spotlight when the Government announced that it would make it compulsory for all dog owners to have at least third-party pet insurance, but the negative response was so strong that the Government pulled the plans a week later.

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