Students urged to shop around for car insurance

Students who are thinking of taking a vehicle with them to university are advised to try and get the best deal they can when it comes to car insurance .

According to the head of motor insurance at, Steve Sweeney, it is “vital” to consider whether students need to take a car to their seat of learning as premiums can be affected by the change in circumstances. He said: “Students who do decide to follow this route must ensure they have contacted their provider to amend the policy details to reflect their change in living situation.”

The price comparison site also urges consumers not break the law by ‘fronting’ their car insurance . Fronting involves a parent, or other more experienced driver, insuring their child’s vehicle in their name and adding their youngster as a second driver, even if they will actually be the main driver of the motor.

Recently, warned that fronting, which is illegal, can invalidate a car insurance policy .

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