Saga to provide motorbike insurance

An increasing number of the over 50s are taking up motorcycling according to Saga, who in response are launching motorbike insurance to cater for this growing demand.

Almost 21 per cent of all UK motorcyclists are aged over 50 and a recent study by Saga found that a further 1 million in this age group have a desire to hit the open road.

Consumers can now get motorbike insurance from Saga or from other companies such as Bennetts . Even though most older motorcyclists put on the leathers for the thrill and freedom of riding a powerful motorbike, around a quarter view a motorcycle as a cheaper alternative to running a car .

Research conducted by the firm also found that 17 per cent of motorcyclists enjoy weaving through busy traffic as they use their bikes to commute to work . Touring motorbikes appear to be the most popular for the other 50s, however powerful sports bikes attract around 10 per cent of the older motorcycling set.

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