AA Insurance urges drivers to avoid simple errors

AA Insurance is advising its customers to take care when filling out their insurance forms and avoid making “simple errors” which could lead to an awkward situation.

Simon Douglas, director of the organisation, made his comments following the start of the Motor Insurance Bureau’s Stay Insured campaign, which is urging people to ensure that they do not default on their insurance payments. He indicated that people often fill in their car insurance forms incorrectly and can end up having their cars impounded until the situation is put right.

Mr Douglas identified a growing problem in the number of people mis-spelling their registration number . He said: “Simple errors like this can result in a lot of wasted time and inconvenience, to say nothing of the typical £150 charge plus £20 daily storage cost to recover a car.”

Recently, AA Insurance revealed that people buying their first car are younger than ever, with 3 per cent of boys owning a vehicle before they reach the legal driving age of 17.

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