Santander launches online home insurance brand

Santander has launched its first home insurance website. Called Santander home insurance, it is the first home insurance brand by Santander and it will be the first product in insurance to actually bear the name of the bank .

The chief executive for Santander, Miguel Sard, commented: The launch of this new home insurance product is targeted keeping in mind the change in consumer pattern from passive to more active. The consumer today wants to conduct more research and buy products from aggregators and websites.”

Mr Sard added that the oraganisation had been selling insurance for quite sometime in the past and that this new move was a bid to harness the potential market presented by web buyers.
Santander has also made an agreement with the BGL groups, Junction to manage its online business and ensure that their products appear on aggregator sites.

The banking group will be having rebrands sometime at the end of next year for its businesses Abbey, Alliance and Leicester and Bradford and Bingley .

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