Sainsburys Finance is giving its banking profile a makeover

The company has unveiled a new proposal for its shoppers and will reward them for buying its financial services products. The banking auxiliary for Sainsburys Finance will offer its customers twice the regular amount of nectar points for buying home insurance, or even for opening an account with them.

Regular account holders with Sainsbury’s will also get a discount of one percent on grocery shopping . Sainsbury’s has patently undergone this transformation of its banking arm in order to rival Tesco’s re-launched Clubcard, as well as the rebranding efforts of Tesco personal finance to Tesco bank .

Sainsbury’s and Tesco are looking to regain the trust that has been lost by customers as a result of the financial downturn and
their banking divisions will be encouraging their efforts acutely by trying to boost the number of shoppers that visit either of the two supermarkets .

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