Pet insurance premiums could be affected by an animals weight

Keeping a pets weight under control is essential to its health but it may also help to get the best deal when comparing pet insurance .

Animals need to be in good shape to be healthy and an appropriate weight could also affect how much owners pay for covering their pet . Research conducted by the Pet Obesity Task Force found that 40 per cent of dogs and 20 – 40 per cent of cats in the UK are carrying excess kilos.

An unhealthy diet can result in orthopaedic and respiratory problems, as well as endocrine disorders . It is important that pet owners are aware of the dangers of overfeeding their pets.

Pets that are fat can even be at greater risk for complications while undergoing surgery or while under anaesthesia. Cats suffering from this condition are more likely to die an early death, develop diabetes mellitus and urinary tract disorders .

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