British motorists crashing for cash may be refused car insurance

A high number of British motorists have admitted to staging a crash to claim on their car insurance for cash and even more would consider staging an accident, claims

Research from price comparison site found that 340,000 road users said that they have already successfully staged a car accident so that they could make an insurance claim . Fraudulent insurance claims cost the industry over £4 million every day according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI). This adds around £40 to the average annual premium paid by honest policyholders.

Steve Sweeny of said: “Organised motor fraud costs the insurance industry millions and risks the safety of innocent drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Any motor insurance claim proved to involve an organised accident will be considered as fraudulent by an insurer, and is likely to have drastic, long-term affects on your motoring as a consequence. If found guilty, an official ‘ fraud mark’ could be added to your license which will prompt your insurer to void existing cover and probably refuse you cover in the future.”

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