Speed controlled vans will reduce insurance premiums

Van leasing firms have announced that in the future, around 9 out of 10 vans that they lease out will be speed limited.

A spokesperson for a leading van leasing firm, said that 70 per cent of the customers who approached them asked for speed limiting technologies in their vans. He stated that this number will probably rise on account of fuel economy, company policies and reduced insurance rates.

The use of a van speed limiter is a sensible choice for leasing firms because along with Engine Control Units (ECU), a speed limiter can lower van insurance premiums. From a client’s perspective, the use of a speed limiter, can exhibit responsible corporate behaviour which promotes fuel efficiency and saves money .

For those companies that lease their fleet of vans, the switching cost to speed limiters is minimal. The upper speed limits of vans can now be regulated using the simple device and it will not have any effect on the residual value of a van.

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