Some drink drivers may be refused insurance after conviction

Car insurance providers could refuse to insure drink-drivers after they have been convicted, according to

Research by the price comparison site revealed that some insurers may decline to give any cover to a motorist who has been banned in the previous five years for driving while over the legal limit for alcohol .

Companies who do provide cover will charge those with a DR10 penalty almost twice as much a year compared to those with a clean licence. HSBC was found to have the biggest price hike, charging up to £410 a year more.

Steve Sweeney, head of motor insurance at, said: “As the Christmas party season approaches, it is important to remember the risks that come with drink-driving, as well as the financial cost. It is not only the risk to your own safety that needs consideration, but a second thought must be paid to others around you, pedestrians and road users alike.”

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