Government advised to speed up electronic insurance certificates

AA Insurance is urging national and local authorities to go easy on drivers whose documents may be caught up in the postal strike.

Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance, said: “Britain’s 30 million drivers, local authorities and the police still rely on the post for many motoring matters. The dispute can pose difficulties for drivers who, for example, are trying to renew their insurance or car tax .”

Mr Douglas added that paper records only back up information that should already be on national databases such as insurance and road tax . Provided customers have renewed their cover or taken out new car insurance before their current cover expires, they shouldn’t have any difficulty even if their insurance documents are delayed in the post as the Motor Insurance Database (MID) will have been updated.

However, people who have left renewal to the last minute could find there is a gap on the database between expiry of their old policy and the database being updated.

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