NFU Mutual issues home insurance warning

NFU Mutual is warning homeowners to examine their policies and check that they are comprehensively covered by their home insurance policies, as strange accidents can sometimes happen.

The insurer pointed out a number of unusual cases for which its customers had claimed, including one incident where a cow ended up in a customer’s swimming pool . The customer had apparently taken a midday nap and woke to find that a herd of cows had invaded his garden, reduced his garden furniture to matchsticks and one of them had ended up in his pool.

Lindsay Sinclair, chief executive of NFU Mutual, said: “The reason for highlighting these unusual claims is to remind people of the need to regularly review their home insurance to make sure it would fully protect the contents of their homes, garages and gardens.”

Recently, Lloyds TSB revealed that it had dealt with a claim for household contents where a customer had accidentally shot his TV .

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