Medical Insurer highlights reasons for giving up smoking

The results of a new survey of over-50s giving the motives why they would consider giving up cigarettes have been revealed by Saga Private Medical Insurance .

The poll found that the most popular reason for quitting smoking is staying fit, with 34 per cent of those surveyed citing this to be the case.

Andrew Goodsell, chief executive at Saga Group, said: “Being fit is one of the top priorities for the older generation and stopping smoking is a key factor in achieving such a goal.”

The health of younger relatives, such as grandchildren, was a consideration for 16 per cent of older smokers . Also, according to Saga, nine per cent of over-50s smoke and 12 per cent of that proportion refuse to quit. The ban on smoking in public places appears to have had little influence, with only three per cent found to have given up the habit following the change in law.

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