Car insurance discounts from Tesco

Tesco is launching a series of special offers on its car insurance policies and associated products.

The supermarket financial services provider will be giving Clubcard customers, who buy car insurance before April 1st, a £50 gift card which can be spent in any Tesco shop. A 20 per cent online discount is also available for for customers new to its breakdown cover policies .

Customers who purchase both their car insurance and their breakdown cover from the supermarket bank will be offered a £100 gift card instead of the one for £50. Allan Burns, head of Tesco car insurance, said: “We aim to offer great value and convenience for our car breakdown customers.”

Recently, the AA has suggested that many car insurance premiums will not increase in the first quarter of 2009 as insurers try and attract new clients. Although the organisation predicts that they will continue to rise later on in the year.

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