Rise in home insurance claims for flooding

In recent weeks many parts of the UK were affected by short, sharp storms which gave rise to home insurance claims for flooding, storm damage and lightning strikes.

Director of AA Insurance, Simon Douglas, said: “We were getting claims from places where there is no previous history of flooding. Drainage systems are often unable to cope with some of the sudden and extreme downpours we have been experiencing. As a result, homes are being flooded in unexpected places.”

It is cause for concern that this sharp rise in storm related claims comes on the back of a recent report from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) which shows that almost 25 per cent of people have stopped their home insurance to save money . Mr Douglas added that many people will be regretting that decision and suggested that now would be a very good time for those who have not renewed their cover to look for a more competitive insurer rather than cancelling altogether.

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