Insurance services troubled by lack of basic skills of new recruits

Financial and insurance services firms are still anxious regarding the basic skills of new recruits, suggests a new survey.

Even though 66 per cent of all respondents thought that those joining the sector today were well equipped, employers had a different viewpoint with 56 per cent saying that the education system is not meeting their needs.

Also, two thirds of those polled believe that it is important to continue investing in staff training so that they are well placed to benefit from the recovery. However one in five employers are planning to make savings by cutting spending on training, compared to 64 per cent who have done so already.

CII director of policy and public affairs, David Thomson said: “The education system needs to meet better the needs of business, and business needs to articulate better what it wants and how it can help. Investment in the current workforce will be just as important, employers see this but what many do not realise is that there is some help out there from the government through apprenticeships .”

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