Extra information on accidents could speed up insurance claims

By providing their car insurance providers with as much information as they possibly can, motorists could speed up the time it takes to assess their claim, according to Aviva .

The firm says that even though it is a legal requirement for motorists to give all the information they have about road traffic accidents, this can also assist in speeding up any claims they make following an incident.

Technical motor claims manager at Aviva, Martin Smith, said: “Keeping the contact details of those involved can help to determine responsibility quicker. Note the make, model and registration number of all vehicles involved as well as the extent of the damage to the vehicles, such as whether they are still drivable.”

Recently, Confused.com advised motorists to make sure that they do not store expensive possessions in their cars as research carried out by the firm found that seven million drivers have items in their boots worth £200 or more.

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