Car insurance may not be enough protection at Glastonbury

With Glastonbury festival starting on June 26th, many of those going will be storing valuables in their cars without realising that, if stolen, their car insurance may not give them enough cover.

According to, over 60 per cent of car insurance providers will give only £100 of cover for car contents such as Sat Navs, ipods, designer sunglasses and mobile phones which will probably be left in cars at Glastonbury. The £100 cover under car insurance is for all the contents in the car and not individual items.

However, moving the valuables into a tent is not a good idea either as home insurance policies will not cover items away from home that are stored in an unlocked tent.

Insurance expert at uSwitch, Mark Monteiro, said: “Going to a music festival should be a fun experience and reading insurance documents probably isn’t high on the list of preparation priorities. However, an event such as Glastonbury creates an insurance minefield for both providers and policy holders.”

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