Appropriate insurance required in Europe as car accidents can be costly

Holidaymakers planning to travel by car his summer are being warned that car accidents in Europe can be expensive and that they should be prepared by taking out the right car insurance .

According to Aviva, Germany and France are the most expensive places in Europe to have a motorway accident . A crash in Germany can cost almost £3,000 on average, which is more than 50 per cent higher than anywhere else in Europe. Motorists should also be aware that the average personal injury claim in France is nearly £10,000.

Aviva’s UK insurance motor underwriting manager, Nigel Bartram, said: “An estimated 2 million British tourists take to their cars for driving trips to neighbouring European Union countries each year. We advise you to make sure that you are properly covered before you go. Otherwise you may have to pay for any claims for damage to your car, whether it’s your fault or not. Not to mention the hassle of arranging repair and sorting out the claim in the local language .”

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