Adequate cover against accidental damage essential when execercising at home

Many Brits will be hoping to tone up and lose some weight in time for the summer however, according to one insurance firm, vigourous exercising at home could damage their surroundings.

Sheilas Wheels, reports that with interactive consoles such as the Nintendo Wii rising in popularity, accidental damage to homes as a result of exercise have increased by more than 700 per cent within the last year,

A poll conducted by the firm revealed that 13 million respondents own an interactive console and that 20 per cent of females claim to have had an exercise-related accident in the home over the last 12 months Jacky Brown, a representative for the firm, said: “Sheila’s Wheels urges women to make sure that they have adequate cover against accidental damage in their home before embarking on any indoor fitness regimes.”

Some of the accidents which have occurred in the home, among people who own a console, can be viewed at

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