Pets could be affected by the recession

The recession could be causing behavioural problems in Britain’s pets, according to new research from Sainsburys Finance .

A study by the pet insurance provider found that 3.35 million dog and cat owners have seen their animal exhibit various behavioural conditions in the last year, which amounts to almost a fifth of the UK’s total number of cats and dogs .

Over a million owners reported that their pets were damaging furniture, while moodiness and nervousness were also widespread. Joanne Mallon, Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance manager, said: “The stress people are feeling because of the recession can have an adverse effect on the household’s pets.” She added that cats and dogs can be very sensitive to their owner’s feelings and behaviour so changes in mood such as irritability, distress or remoteness can be sensed and leave the animal itself agitated or depressed .

Sainsbury’s said that its pet insurance product will provide up to £250 a year for behavioural problems and that owners should shop around to find the best pet insurance policies.

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