Record number of home insurance claims for water damage

There has been an increase in the number of claims relating to water damage in the past few weeks, according to Sainsbury’s Home Insurance .

The provider says there have been almost 13,000 claims of this type during the winter, totalling an estimated £27.56 million. Neil Laird, Sainsbury’s Home Insurance manager, said: “The rise owes much to the recent drop in temperature to as low as minus ten degrees C.”

The retail bank suggests that homeowners should ensure that an adequate level of cover is in place, however they can also prepare themselves for the worst by insulating pipes and making sure the main stopcock can easily be turned on and off. In addition, those going away for a winter holiday should leave the heating on at a low setting, as warm water needs to be kept circulating.

Recently, the bank reported that 28 per cent of the UK’s adult population intend to book a holiday by the end of February 2009.

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