Insurer warns motorists against frosting

With many parts of the UK facing temperatures below zero, Sainsburys Car Insurance is warning drivers about the danger of ‘frosting’, or having their car stolen while it is being de-iced in the morning.

A survey conducted by the supermarket’s car insurance division found that around 15,000 motorists could become victims of frosting this winter, as many people leave their cars with the engines running on their way to work . The firm said that car thieves have had to become more opportunistic as security on many vehicles has now improved.

Joanne Mallon, Sainsburys Car Insurance manager, admitted: “It may seem an unlikely crime, but with sustained periods of low temperatures and the likelihood of having to defrost the car a couple of times a day, on the way to and from work, there is even more opportunity for the would-be car thief.”

The AA have recently warned drivers to be extra careful during the winter months because of ice on the roads.

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