Fines for owners of uninsured cars

Owners of uninsured cars will face fines and possible court action to seize their vehicle.

Currently it is an offence to drive an uninsured car. Under the new proposals, which were announced by Jim Fitzpatrick, Road Transport Minister, it will also be an offence to keep an uninsured car. Car owners who refuse to insure their vehicles are accountable for increasing the insurance premiums for all the other motorists who do insure their cars and this is estimated at adding £30 a year to car insurance premiums.

According to the government, uninsured owners and those that cannot be traced are responsible for around 23,000 injuries each year and the death of 160 people. By comparing the DVLAs database with that held by the Motor Insurance Bureau, owners without car insurance will be identified. They will receive a letter which will explain that they need to get car insurance within a set period, or otherwise face a fine.

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