Travellers urged to renew European Health Insurance Cards

Holiday bargain hunters travelling in Europe are being warned to check their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) expiry date before travelling.

By doing so, travellers will avoid having to pay out unnecessarily for medical costs that could be covered by a valid EHIC, which replaces the old E111 form. According to the Department of Health, around 50 per cent of Brits do not realise that the EHIC has a shelf life.

Consumer champion Martin Lewis, from, said: “Everyone travelling to Europe should ensure they’ve got an EHIC. It’s a no-brainer. It’s totally free, and entitles you to the same treatment in any EU or Swiss hospital as a local would get, at the same price. So if they would get free or discounted medical cover so do you.”

However, travellers should not to see it as an alternative to travel insurance, as it doesn’t provide baggage cover, cancellation cover or transportation costs home in the event of an accident on the slopes .

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