New Fiat 500 could get women cheaper car insurance

The new Fiat 500 could tempt female car insurance holders wanting to save money by purchasing a small fuel-efficient car .

The car manufacturer has announced that customers can now choose a model fitted with Start&Stop technology. With the new system, the car will automatically cut the engine when at a standstill in traffic and restart when the congestion clears.

Fiat says that the new technology should enable motorists of a 1.2-litre engine edition of the car to make fuel savings of up to 1 per cent, compared to the earlier version. Also, for environmentally-friendly female drivers, the model boasts carbon emissions of 112 g/km. Andrew Humberstone, Fiat’s managing director said: “This is an important development for the 500 as it will help to make what is already a fuel-efficient, value-for-money car an even greater consideration for town and city drivers.”

Women drivers downsizing from a larger vehicle may also find the new Fiat 500 qualifies for cheaper car insurance than their current model.

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