Mobile phone application launched to help car insurance claims

More Than has unveiled an iPhone application that can provide assistance to drivers at the scene of an accident . The Car Claim accident tool is the first software to be introduced by any UK car insurance company.

The insurer said the launch of the tool was in response to a survey which revealed that 38 per cent of drivers fail to capture sufficient third party details during a car accident . Such information is essential when making a claim .

Mark Christer, managing director for More Than, said, “A car accident is a traumatic experience and it’s easy for drivers to forget what information they need to gather from the scene.”

In a statement, the insurance firm said that the Car Claim accident software enables the driver to be guided with step by step assistance through safety precautions at the roadside and prompts users to capture vital information, including witness and accident information. There is also an option to take photos and upload the location through Global Positioning System (GPS). The captured data can be emailed immediately by the user.

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