Boat insurance comparison sites may help owners save money

Any boat owner that uses the UK Broads will, as of 2010, be subject to a 6 per cent tax increase that will see costs increase by up to £14 per year.

With the price of this popular leisure activity set to increase, boat insurance could be one expense that owners could look to in order to save money .

Boat owners could save a considerable amount when looking for yacht, dinghy, speed boat or narrowboat insurance by using a website to compare boat insurance prices. Insure My Boat is a company with a comprehensive system which enables individuals to browse quotations tailor made to their requirements.

David Quick, Managing Director of Insure My Boat, commented: “From fully comprehensive quotations to basic boat insurance, our options are tailor made for each customer. We collate quotes from some of the highest profile insurance providers and pride ourselves on our ability to match any budget.”

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