Homeowners warned to check home insurance as burglary rates increase

The insurance provider Norwich Union believes that burglary rates could rise by 50 per cent this year as a result of the recession and rising unemployment .

Director of home pricing at Norwich Union, Simon Warship, said: “If this recession follows the pattern of previous recessions we would expect to see burglary rise by around a half by the end of the year.”

Norwich Union have been working with the Home Office to highlight the importance of home security to help in the prevention of burglary. It is also essential to ensure that home insurance policies are fully up to date in case there is a burglary and a claim needs to be made.

Burglars usually try and get in through the front or back door first. If this fails, then the rear ground floor windows, patio and French doors and garage doors are all very common targets. Unfortunately, once burgled there is a higher probability of being burgled again as burglars know that while many of the valuable items will have been replaced, home security is unlikely to have increased.

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