Caravans need adequate insurance

According to Saga, one in three over-50’s will be considering a caravan holiday this year in order to save money in the credit crunch . However, the insurance provider is advising caravanners to check that their caravan is adequately insured before heading off this summer.

Figures show that caravan sales have increased by 10-15 per cent this year as holidaymakers cut back on overseas holidays, but novice caravan owners could end up out of pocket as they assume wrongly that their mobile home is covered from theft and damage under their existing home and car insurance policies .

Many motorists believe that if a caravan is attached to a car, it will be covered by their car insurance when in fact the caravan will only be covered by third party insurance and this means that any damage done to the caravan is not included. Also most caravan contents are not covered by home insurance policies.

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