Car jacking and road rage victims helped by Sainsburys car insurance

Sainsbury’s Car Insurance will be providing a unique extra to policy holders who find themselves a victim of crimes on the road.

The provider has announced that customers who fall victim to road rage or car jacking will be able to take advantage of financial support and counselling .

Joanne Mallon, Sainsburys Car Insurance manager, said: “It’s important that these victims aren’t left high and dry, which is why we offer a counselling and financial package for motorists who have been victims of car jacking or distressed by a road rage incident.”

According to a study conducted by the company, 58 per cent of motorists in the UK have been the victim of road rage in the past year. The research also found that 265,000 people have been car jacked, while 262,000 have been involved in a botched attempt. Earlier this month, Sainsbury’s said that 579,000 drivers are putting themselves at risk by reducing the cover they pay for their cars .

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