Child health plan launched by Tesco insurance

Tesco insurance are offering a special introductory offer on new child health care cover .

Tesco will be giving customers 25 per cent off in the first year, with premiums lowered to £7.49 a month for the first child protected. The insurance will provide fast access to medical professionals for private consultations, tests and diagnoses, according to Tesco. If a child needs surgery and cannot be treated within six weeks on the NHS, private treatment is also covered.

Jeremy Sutton, head of Tesco Health Insurance, said that parents do not need to include themselves in the cover and that the policy does not carry an annual maximum limit on claims.

Recently, Tesco warned drivers to inform their insurers if their vehicles had been modified. It explained that even simple additions such as non-standard in-car entertainment systems could make a car more attractive to thieves and that insurers needed to know, or it could result in policies being invalidated.

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