Sainsburys Insurance announces new pet option

Sainsbury’s Finance is launching a new pet insurance option to encourage people to take out cover for their pet cats or dogs .

The new policy from the financial provider will offer £3,000 towards veterinary fees and offer the same amount of compensation for dental cover . Sainsbury’s insurance has revealed that over the past five years, around 2.5 million people have refused the recommended treatment for their pet cat or dog because they could not afford the cost.

The new pet cover option provides premiums which are 25 to 35 per cent lower than Sainsbury’s Finance’s higher level insurance policy, which covers treatment fees of up to £7,500.

Neil Devine, manager of Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance, said: “We now offer two levels of cover for two different prices, so whatever their budget we hope that more cat and dog owners will look to ensure that their pets are protected by quality insurance.”

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