Mishandling keys can invalidate van insurance

Van drivers are being advised to be more aware about the way they handle, or mishandle their keys .

Delivery drivers are particularly vulnerable to opportunistic vehicle thefts as they are more likely to leave their keys in the vehicle. They usually do this to avoid wasting time turning over the engine over each time they return to the van, something that can also result in wearing down the battery .

Unfortunately, many companies have found that this action has led to the invalidation of their van insurance policy. Nottinghamshire Police Crime Reduction Manager Trevor Timson said: “Companies are risking breaching the conditions of their insurance by doing this as if keys are left in the vehicle or the engine kept running while the vehicle is unattended, the driver can be considered negligent.”

According to police in North Nottinghamshire, where there have been twelve raids since September, some drivers had left their keys in a jacket pocket while away from their vehicle and others had left their engines running while they ‘popped’ out.

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