Britons not prepared for floods says home insurer

Almost two thirds of British homeowners said that they do not know what cover they have in the event of a flood occurring in the area they live in, according to new research from home insurer, Zurich .

Almost half of those surveyed (44 per cent) did not know what their insurance would cover for in a flood and 40 per cent did not know where to get information about the risk of flooding . However, despite this 62 per cent said they felt that there is an increased risk of flooding in Britain due to climate change, with a quarter saying they are more worried about flooding since the summer floods in 2007.

Zurich is now launching a website to help advise homeowners about floods and how to protect themselves against the effects of severe weather. The website, offers links to weather reports and flood warnings.

Anna Fleming, property claims director at Zurich, said: “There is an urgent need for all homes and businesses to prepare for this risk.”

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