New car insurance policy launched by RIAS

The insurance provider RIAS has unveiled a new car insurance policy which intends to prevent policyholders from having to pay an excess, if they happen to have an accident .

For 25p per week, the new car insurance policy covers excesses of up to £300, even if the accident was the fault of the insured driver.

As with all RIAS products, the policy is targeted at customers aged over 50 and especially those who are living on limited means, which could become a growing market as the rising costs of the current credit squeeze cuts into household budgets .

According to RIAS managing director, Janet Connor, the company is one of the first in the UK to offer excess insurance. She added: “RIAS has always been well known for putting customers’ needs first and this type of innovation helps us to retain our position as frontrunners in servicing the needs of the over-50s .”

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