Drink drivers face huge increase in car insurance premiums

Motorists driving under the influence of alcohol face massive increases in car insurance premiums and could be refused insurance altogether, a new survey has revealed.

Moneysupermarket.com conducted the study and found that leading insurers including HSBC, Budget, Kwik Fit and the Post Office increased insurance premiums by an average of 82 per cent if the driver had a previous drink driving conviction. In some instances, drink drivers’ premiums were double the amount given to others.

As the UK prepares for the traditionally boozy Christmas period, Andy Leadbetter, head of insurance at moneysupermarket.com, warned of the dangers of being over the limit. He said: “Even if you are over the limit by just a small amount, finding yourself uninsurable will be a huge blow. Surely getting behind the wheel after drinking just isn’t worth it.”

According to the Department for Transport, 460 people were killed in Britain last year because of drink driving .

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