Motorcyclists urged to take advanced tests

An expert has urged motorcyclists to take advanced riding tests if they want to see their insurance premiums reduced.

Ian Crowder, public relations manager at AA Insurance, said that motorcyclists can reduce the risk of being involved in an accident by enrolling on awareness courses.

Such steps can lead to lower insurance costs, the expert noted.

“A bit of caution about the dangers of motorcycling is no bad thing because it enhances your awareness on the road and it will help you to be a little more alert,” he explained.

Although the number of accidents involving motorcycles appears to be increasing, Mr Crowder said that as long as people take “proper precautions” and are “observant”, then motorcycling can be an “enjoyable activity”.

Figures from the Department for Transport showed that there were approximately 1.22 million licensed motorcycles in the UK in 2006-07.

The department noted that women took 10,630 motorcycle tests during this period and achieved a pass rate of 54 per cent, while men undertook 66,363 tests with an overall pass rate of 67 per cent.

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