Car insurer warns drivers using mobiles at the wheel

Motorists with mobile phone driving violations may have their premiums increased, or even find themselves being refused cover from a car insurer, claims a new report from the AA .

In a survey of eight insurance companies, it was revealed that drivers who had been caught by the police for talking while they were driving, faced an increase in premiums from around 4.2 per cent to 18.1 per cent. This could mean almost £40 extra a year, with one firm refusing to even give a quote .

Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance, says: “Driving whilst using a hand-held mobile phone places you at greater risk of having an accident, it slows reactions and you are less able to control the car. Insurance companies quite rightly take such offences seriously.”

A recent survey by also found that more than a fifth of UK drivers are not aware that insurance pay-outs could be reduced following accidents when smoking or eating behind the wheel, even if the driver is not directly at fault.

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