Car insurance policies available to suit all budgets

An industry expert claims that even if the economic situation in the country continues to decline, drivers will still be able to buy car insurance .

Graeme Trudgill, technical and corporate affairs executive for the British Insurance Brokers Association (Biba), said that a large variety of car insurance products are available on the market and that many of them are designed for people on low income .

His comments come after MoneyExpert reported that one per cent of uninsured drivers said that high premium costs were to blame for them not purchasing a policy. However, Mr Trudgill stressed: “There are no concerns about the availability of motor insurance . Brokers offer all sorts of policies aimed at people who are struggling. They offer instalment plans, they can offer any level of cover from the bare bones; third party only to an all singing all dancing comprehensive policy .”

He also says that there are instalment facilities and short-period policies available and insists that brokers can always provide an insurance solution for any motorist .

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