Get a free toothbrush with Tesco dental insurance

Customers buying a dental insurance plan from Tesco Insurance are being offered a free Oral-B electric toothbrush worth £34.99.

There will be two levels of cover, core and premium, offered by the supermarket and both will cover the cost of planned and unplanned dental treatment .

Tesco are convinced that toothbrushes are the key to having healthy teeth . Jeremy Sutton, head of Tesco Dental Insurance, said that “proper toothbrush care is fundamental to dental hygiene,” and they have come up with a few handy hints to help people look after their brush.

These include changing it every three months and rinsing it thoroughly after use. They also recommend not sharing toothbrushes with another person and keeping it at least six feet away from a toilet.

“By offering our customers an Oral-B toothbrush we are actively encouraging them to consider toothbrush care and thereby protect their teeth,” added Mr Sutton.

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