Britain is a nation of worriers says Abbey Insurance

According to Abbey Insurance the British spend, on average, over 25 hours a week worrying, mostly about money, followed by concerns about homes and possessions.

With rising prices and a looming recession hitting the headlines recently, Abbey has found an increase in the number of people taking out its mortgage repayment cover .

Abbey found that those living in London and the south-east are more likely to be worriers, while the Scottish appear to take life as is comes. Also, women are more likely to be the ones lying awake at night worrying about property and finances, rather than men.

Lloyd Wilson, head of Abbey Insurance, said that it is unhealthy for people to worry for more than 25 hours a week and his advice is to “find ways to put their mind at rest”. He suggested that one way to do this is to make sure that they are fully covered for any circumstances with the right insurance policies .

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