Older holidaymakers should shop around for travel insurance

Older British travellers are being advised to shop around for the best possible travel insurance deal. According to over-50s travel insurance specialist Saga, good policies for the over-65’s are not hard to find but buyers need to be clear and truthful about any existing health conditions when searching for travel cover .

Paul Green, head of Saga Group Communications, says that insurers are now better at understanding and have improved systems for rating older travellers . He suggests that they look at whether policies cover pre-existing conditions rather than just choosing the cheapest deal.

He explained: “Travel insurance for older people is not hard to find if you look in the right place – Saga, for instance, has no upper age limit – and the oldest person thus far to be covered was a lady celebrating her 100th birthday .”

Mr Green predicts that as the British population remains healthier for longer, the upper age limits for policies could be raised by insurers in the future.

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